Monday, July 19, 2010


in case u don't no the chinese-y writing on top of this says website. and u no what that means!! yup, that's right i have geniously created a new website. the address is it is AWESOME. u may be jealous starting......NOW. >:)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


hi. today i was going to kill daniel and cameron but i took my anger out on my arm instead. then i felt better... p.s. daniel i still have the paper clip >:)
Songs to Listen to when ur feeling like i am:
# -Song -Singer/Band
1. Misguided Ghosts/ Paramore
2. That's What You Get/ Paramore
3. Alice / Avril Lavine
4. Take a Bow / Rihanna
5. Halo / Beyonce
6. Brown Eyes / Lady GaGa
7. Eh, Eh / Lady GaGa
8. Glitter in the Air/ P!nk
9. Ave Mary A / P!nk
10. Simple Song / Miley Cirus
11. Goodbye / Miley Cirus
12. Bottom of the Ocean/ Miley Cirus
13. The Driveway / Miley Cirus
14. These Four Walls/ Miley Cirus

IF you listen to all of these songs in a row you'll figure out how I'm feeling.

Monday, March 8, 2010

इट्स विएर्द! ही सबीने!

i somehow turned it into japanese or chinese or someting!!! coolio! so any ways...
goto like as of RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE and type in ninja glare and it should be the first one. DO IT NOW!!! also, did u now if u type "OK" its a sideways stick person! omg, right? its awesome!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My fav videos

Go To right now and type in the following addresses:
1. Super Bingo
2. Lady GaGa Parody
3. Power Thirst
4. Power Thirst 2
5. The wtf blanket
6. The Jesus Christ Sponge
7. Every single fred video ever made
8. The fabulous life of bratz series

Hello World and Beyond!!!

Holaz 2 my peeps from outer space! Don't worry i didn't forget about you earthlings. I wana say hi 2 my bud girl named potato! The infamous blogger of potato says hi! btw b sure 2 check out all my fav vids in my next post! ttyl! l8ter! O.O