Thursday, April 8, 2010


hi. today i was going to kill daniel and cameron but i took my anger out on my arm instead. then i felt better... p.s. daniel i still have the paper clip >:)
Songs to Listen to when ur feeling like i am:
# -Song -Singer/Band
1. Misguided Ghosts/ Paramore
2. That's What You Get/ Paramore
3. Alice / Avril Lavine
4. Take a Bow / Rihanna
5. Halo / Beyonce
6. Brown Eyes / Lady GaGa
7. Eh, Eh / Lady GaGa
8. Glitter in the Air/ P!nk
9. Ave Mary A / P!nk
10. Simple Song / Miley Cirus
11. Goodbye / Miley Cirus
12. Bottom of the Ocean/ Miley Cirus
13. The Driveway / Miley Cirus
14. These Four Walls/ Miley Cirus

IF you listen to all of these songs in a row you'll figure out how I'm feeling.


  1. Ha ha, Callie. The paperclip doesn't scare me. u do. Hahahahaha! Sorry, bad joke. Type back.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. wat goes on wit u? p.s. i posted a new pic 4 my profile! u like?

  4. Sure... What did you remove?

  5. Oh, and Louis said you are like Hailey, except you get ticked off more often. He actually said p****d instead of ticked. No offense, but sometimes i think you do. And WHY would you scrape yourself... with a PAPERCLIP?! I forgot to add all this yesterday.

  6. I'm sorry for ticking you off on Friday. i think i had too much sugar or someting

  7. ya think? :) and ya know, you can just write pissed. and there is no way in heck that i am anything like that girl. >:( and because i felt like it!

  8. ...Wow. That's kinda... weird.

  9. and what did u remove under April 9? I hope it isn't anything bad.

  10. no, i just typed it wrong so i removed it and made a new one because i didn't realize i messed up until i posted it. and btw i know its wierd and i like being wierd because it makes my life more interesting.

  11. u spelled "weird" wrong.

  12. Two things.
    1: Why is the post i just sent says May 5 when i sent it on May 12?
    2: I made my own blog on

  13. Callie why dont u answer?

  14. i answer now!!! god i'm so bored. i posted on ur blog like, twice and u haven't responded!!! i no u think i'm never gona do this over the summer but i do!!! RESPOND OR DIE!!!!!!!!